HUMANOPHONES presents CORPUS, an anatomical concert.

CORPUS is an explosive “animated groove” mixing body percussion and voice in all its forms.
An innovant alchemy of tribal music, soul, jazz, funk, dance, humour and poetry. Five vocalists and body percussionists produced entirely by the body.
By their enthusiasm, their sensitivity and their complicity, the Humanophones take you on a jubilating sound and visual journey.
Clapping of tongues, fingers, rubbing thighs, kicking, futuristic onomatopoeia on solid grooveries, incandescent gestures: like a cartoon, the music of the Humanophones is both evocative of poetic and humorous images forming a universe tasty, breaking genre barriers. Through their passion, their sensitivity and their complicity, these five hominids take you on a jubilant sound and visual odyssey.

"Heart and mind pulses…Humanophones go back to the essence with a universal wild and liberating spirit »

Show for all ages / Indoors or outdoors / Duration : 1h15
Création 2014 :  Corpus
Artistic director : Rémi Leclerc
Line up : 1 sound technician + 5 artists on stage among :
Frédérika Alésina, Cyprien Zéni, Bastien Picot, Rémi Leclerc, Quelen Lamouroux, David Amar, Leila Martial, Laurie Batista, Mathieu Bénigno, Philippe Aglaé, Joris Ledantec, Habib julien, Simon Filippi
Regard extérieur : Frédéric Vern
Costumes : Noëlle Camus
Light creator : Amandine Jérome, Alice Huc
Sound technician : Arthur Ower or Rémi Tarbagayre or Michel Josserand ou Johnny 

Parterns, subventions : Conseil Régional de Midi-Pyrénées, Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne, ADDA 31 Espace Roguet / Toulouse, L’Astrada / Marciac, Mairie de Toulouse, Mairie de Launaguet, Cirque Baroque, Le Mandala, Même sans le train, SACEM, SPEDIDAM, AUDIENS

VIDEO LIVE : LIVE au Studio de l’Ermitage

“Mixed bodies and sounds, radiant individualities and well soaked clash cooperate and build, the rhythmic voices exult… Living together thanks to our differences, transforming tensions in active collective intelligence…”
This fable invites audiences to appreciate the possibilities of the human body and to reconsider its strength and sensitivity.
A way of questioning the distance that contemporary man creates with his own body. Corpus sells the goods made of a body practice on our psychic, emotional and social balance. Using the human body as an essential means of expression, the humanophones explore the typologies of human relationships, bringing out poetic and incredible situations and characters imbued with offbeat humor.
Through its energy and sensitivity, HUMANOPHONES takes viewers on a jubilant and fantastic sound and visual odyssey!


“Primitive and audacious” Fip – France Musique

“…the result is a luminous pocket circus made of life stories full of imagination and fantasies. » Citizen Jazz

 The Humanophones show successfully fused the world of music and circus. » Arte television news


“In a happy body; it’s the story of a vocal group unlike any other: neither kitsch nor tacky, but funny, theatrical and surprising… with virtuoso energy and great freshness, with inventive arrangements, surprising harmonic colors and chiseled rhythmic structures… At the Studio de l’Ermitage, the group offers a perfectly stunning and unexpected concert. Their repertoire has a real theatrical dimension and distills a communicative joie de vivre. Pure pleasure. » Jazz news


“Take a good dose of crossed and joyful voices, the kind to syncopate, and to feel the supercharged groove” The Latest Jazz News


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